Thursday 22nd  May 2014 –  7:30pm – Rutland County Museum.

The meeting commenced with the AGM of the Rutland Local History & Record Society and was followed by –

‘From Deer to Fox, The Hunting Transition and the Landscape, 1600-1850′  by Mandy de Belin.

This talk looked at the transition from deer hunting to fox hunting that occurred between the seventeenth and nineteenth century, and its relationship to the midlands landscape. The traditional explanation that change was caused by the apparent disappearance of woodland was discussed as was the development of cart hunting of stags in certain areas. Mandy looked at the influence that the breeding of the thoroughbred horse for hunting and saddle design had upon the sport, and the corresponding change in style with the accent on galloping and jumping. The provision of cover for foxes in open country to enable better hunting, the effect of the increase in hunt supporters and the impact of the railways was also discussed.