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Thursday 8th October – 7:30pm.

Archaeological Fieldworking in Oakham & Uppingham – Debbie Frearson & Elaine Jones.

The RLHRS have an active archaeological fieldwalking group.  In conjunction with Elaine Jones, the recent results of the fieldwork will be illustrated, along with a display of finds. The lecture will include the methods used for fieldwork in Rutland.

Admission free, all welcome.

Thursday 18th June 2015 at 7.30 p.m.

‘Corby and its Steelworks’

A talk by Tony Rothery, this will include a showing of the 1965 film ‘Double Harvest’ produced by Stewarts and Lloyds.

All welcome, admission free.

Corby with the steelworks in background.

Corby with the steelworks looming in the background.

Thursday 9th April

Unfortunately the planned talk by Robert and David Saxton of the Viking Society about the influence of the Vikings in and around Rutland has had to be cancelled due to illness.

The good news is that instead Lawrence Fenelon will be giving a talk on Rutland’s Railways.

Rutland was largely by-passed by the early main lines to the north, but nonetheless gained a number of links to the main network. This talk will discuss how the early railway system developed in the East Midlands and how Rutland became integrated with it.

7:30pm – Admission Free – All Welcome.

Thursday 12th March 7:30pm
Architect John Wright, will talk about the Heritage Lottery Funded £2.5m Project to conserve and improve the Oakham Castle site.

Oakham Castle

The Great Hall of Oakham Castle

The talk will be preceeded by the AGM of The Friends of Rutland County Museum and Oakham Castle, which is anticpated will take around 20 minutes.

Everyone is welcome to attend; there is no need to be a member of the Friends, save for participation in the short AGM.

Admission Free.

Thursday 23rd October – 7:30pm
“In Foreign Fields – Stories of local fighting men.” – David Humberston.

David Humberston, Secretary of the Leicestershire and Rutland Branch of the Western Front Association,  presented an excellent illustrated talk on some of the personal stories of Rutland & Leicestershire Soldiers in the Great War. He outlined something of their varied backgrounds, the actions in which they were involved and in many cases their final resting place.

Following David’s talk the formal launch of the reprint of George Phillips treatise ‘Rutland and The Great War’ took place, with The Lord Lieutenant explaining the reasons why the printing had been undertaken and some of the improvements that had been made to the original 1920 version.

Wednesday 4th June 2014

Collector and Agatha Christie aficionado Gale Goddard brought our current exhibition “The Whodunit!” to life, with an audience of 70 people enjoying a talk on Christie’s life and works.

The Friends assisted by providing refreshments both prior to the talk and afterwards.

Thursday 24th  July 2014 –  7:30pm – Oakham Castle

‘Anglo-Saxon Archaeology in Leicestershire & Rutland’  by Peter Liddle MBE.

Peter Liddle kept a large audience informed and entertained for nearly 2 hours as he explored life and death in Anglo-Saxon Leicestershire & Rutland, illustrated with recent archaeological evidence.
He explained amongst other things about the significance of grave goods and the difficulty of finding Anglo-Saxon buildings, finishing with the coming of the Vikings and the Normans.
Part of the programme of the CBA Festival of Archaeology. ( )

Thursday 25th  September 2014 –  7:30pm – Rutland County Museum.
‘Flore’s House in Oakham’ by Nick Hill

Nick Hill from English Heritage turned his spotlight on to one of Oakham’s eldest houses, that of wool merchants William and later Roger Flore. He showed details of the house’s construction and explained how it developed around the original central hall area. Dendrochronology has dated the original house to the 1350’s, with the present North section being constructed in the mid 17th century. Nick also highlighted some of the details of construction and architectural interest to an interested and appreciative audience.

Thursday 20th  February 2014 –  7:30pm – Rutland County Museum.

Leicestershire and Rutland War Memorials Project by Liz Blood.
A visual tour of some war memorials around Leicestershire and Rutland, telling part of the story of communities’ efforts to commemorate local people who died as a result of world conflicts, especially after World War One and World War Two. However it does not end there, local war memorials commemorate casualties from conflicts stretching back to the early 15th century and, of course, down to the present day. Liz Blood explored some of the stylistic and historical significance of local war memorials, as well as their diversity.

More information about the project is available at :

On Wednesday 16 October 2013 7:30pm Philippa Massey gave a talk at Rutland County Museum on ‘Bypassing History’

Transport in and through the local area over the ages. Philippa looked at what effect the infrastructure has had on how we have travelled and carried goods, on the Great North Road and more local roads.